CAS: 1310-58-3;71769-53-4

Appearance white orthorhombic crystal, Industrial potassium hydroxide is white or light grey lumpy or bar-like matter.

Melting point 360.4 °C

Boiling point 1320 - 1324 °C

Relative density 2.044 (20 °C)

Solubility soluble in water easily, soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ether


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Inner Mongolia Rida Taifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Alashan Economic Development Industrial Park of Inner Mongolia. Situated in the joint place between Wuhai and Ningxia autonomous region, we enjoy good location for we are 0.5km, 2km, 21km and 8km away from national highway 110, Jingzang highway, Wuhai and Wuhai west station of Baolan railway respectively. Alashan Economic Development Industrial Park is a province-level development park of Inner Mongolia, owning complete public facilities and good supplies of water, power and steam. Now, it is called as the “gold triangle in the west of China” for good manufacturing chain of industry in it.

The construction of Inner Mongolia Rida Taifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was started on April 18, 2006; the first project for Diaphragm process Potassium hydroxide was put into production in December, 2006. We started to build the second project for Ionic membrane Potassium hydroxide on August 16, 2009, and it was put into function on October 11, 2010. At present, we have 286 employees, CNY 150 million of assets and 154,957.44sqm of lands.

Now, we are a specialized manufacturer of Industrial potassium hydroxide, with diaphragm electrolytic process and Ionic membrane electrolytic process as main manufacturing methods. The designed outputs per year: Diaphragm process 30,000 t/a, including 92% solid (flaky) Potassium hydroxide10000 t/a, 48% liquid Potassium hydroxide20000 t/a; Ionic membrane method 50,000 t/a, including solid (flaky) Potassium hydroxide20000 t/a; 50% liquid Potassium hydroxide30000 t/a. The qualities of our products are in accordance with GB/T1919-2000. Our company is the drafter of GB/T1919-2000 for Industrial potassium hydroxide and HG/T3815-2006for high quality Potassium hydroxide solution. The by-products of our company are Liquid chlorine 31,000 t/a and hydrochloric acid 15,000 t/a.

At present, we offer two kinds of Potassium hydroxide, including solid Potassium hydroxide and liquid Potassium hydroxide. As a basic chemical material, Potassium hydroxide is widely used in the production and processing of Potassium permanganate, Potassium carbonate, potash fertilizer soap, alkaline batteries, cosmetics,

pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, VAT dyes, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, food

additive, metallurgy heating agent, leather degreasing, humic acid fertilizer, electroplating,

sculpture and so on.  We are going to seek for more new applications of

Potassium hydroxide.

Due to superior geographical position, good surrounding environment, excellent park

policy, and ideal cost resources, our business is experiencing rapid development now.

Relying on leading manufacturing method and excellent quality, we enjoy great market

opportunities and steadily growing profits.